Monday, January 14, 2013

Free From Books

Back in November, I realized that I didn't have to wait until I had a "book" completed to print, but I could print the individual layouts. 
I know many of you are probably scratching your head and going "Uh, duh".  It is really in silly, especially for someone who has been digital scrapbooking for 4+ years.  But I have always printed my layouts in book form, and never considered doing it differently.
I was getting really discouraged this last year because my Little Man kept wanting to see pictures of him while looking at the books I had done for his big sister.  I kept thinking, "I need to get a book done for him." But until November, I never did.  It was not because I wasn't scrapbooking.  I was... lots.  But I was never finishing a whole year out or a time frame to a point where I felt it was ok to print a book.  I tend to scrap pictures from all over the time line and not go in chronological order (am I the only one?).  Then, while listening to an old Digi Show, someone said something and it just clicked.  I could print the layouts I had done as individual layouts.  I asked several of you on Facebook who your favorite printing companies were for printing layouts and then I sent in some orders.  I then headed to Hobby Lobby (with my coupon of course) and bought some 8x8 albums and page protectors.  I was so excited to get the layouts and put them in the books and my Little Man has loved seeing pictures of himself, finally.
I was so happy to get the layouts that when Persnickety prints had a 13% sale at the beginning of the year, I ordered  a lot more prints.  It was like Christmas morning when I got them in the mail a few days latter.  Now my Little Man has 3 albums to look through with pictures of him.  I can still scrapbook pictures from that time frame and just add them into the albums once they are printed.  I still plan on doing books for special occasions and gifts, (and if I ever get a full year of photos done), but right now I feel so free and happy just doing layout prints. 
Now with all this talk of Persnickety prints, they are having a little layout contest that I entered.  Although the first place of $100 cash would be really great to win, I would be very, very happy to win the $50 Gift Card to Persnickety so I can print more layouts :).
If you would like to vote for me (pretty please), you can go here:
and this is my layout:

Thanks so much.  Oh, and you can grab the kit used in the layout, Storyteller by Scrap Orchard Team, over on Persnickety's site. {HERE}


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