Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: My One Little Word

How many of you make resolutions for each new year?  I have done it in the past, but not so great at keeping them past January.  My hubby is great at writing and keeping his each year.  I think part of it is that he writes them in a place he can see everyday.  He generally keeps his resolutions simple and measurable as well.  All great ways to help keep them.  I decided that this year I was going to pick one word that encompassed several areas I wanted to work on, but that one word would serve as my reminder for the entire year.  I am following the same concept as My One Word or Ali Edward's, One Little Word.
My word for 2013 is:
I have 3 areas on which I would like to focus on with this word:
1.  Less of me - I recently finished the Insanity workout program and am trying to keep going with regular exercising and healthier eating for 2013.  I have actually joined in on the Biggest Looser challenge over at Scrap Orchard to help me stay motivated.  It starts January 4th, so there is still time to jump in and play along.
2. Less Spending - My mother gives the same gift to every newly married couple, even her children.  She gives them Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book.  Lucky for me, my husband read it right along with me and we started right away following it.  For a long time we did budgeting and the envelope system.  Over the last 2 years, I have kind of let it slip.  My goal is to get back on budget and back to the envelopes.  I also plan to start teaching my little ones, especially Little Lady (4), about money(saving, spending and giving).
3.  Less excess- I hope this makes sense.  I am one of those kind of people that if I see something on sale for a great deal, I don't usually buy just one, or even two.  I like to "stock up" on things and am finding that I really don't need to stock up on scarves, lip gloss, ric rac, fabric, necklaces and such. I plan to purchase less AND to start using the things I have purchased.  I have a beautiful stash of fabric and am always saving it for the "perfect" project.  Not this year.  I will use it.  I am a little excited about giving myself a license to start using up my stash of things.

So, there you have My One Little Word for 2013.  Have you selected one?  Do you write resolutions?  Do you keep them?

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  1. I can totally relate to "less". everything you've written here rings so true for me as well... thanks for posting your thoughts
    My word this year is Embrace. I am focusing on embracing the things I like about myself and the happiness that surrounds me. Less judgement, less analysis, less procrastination...

    Happy New Year!!


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