Friday, December 23, 2011

Winner, Winner

We have some winners!!!! I had so much fun reading through your responses. Please leave a comment in this post with your email so that I can send you your coupon code to grab this kit. Thank you to all that responded. I plan to do this again in the future.

Question #1: What random thing are you or have you been grateful?

RJMJ said... I am grateful for many things & blessings in my life but this week I am grateful for my newish computer...Mine broke down & I was all in a panic to get my Christmas Cards done & that is not possible without my computer!...My Dad came over to the rescue(again...) & fixed it...
Thanks Dad!

I am grateful for a new computer also and for a hubby (and dad) who knows his way around them to help me out when trouble hits.

Question #2: What is brings you joy when cleaning the house?

Natasha (alohacowgirl) said... I actually like cleaning, weird as that sounds. And it sure feels good when it's all done! My favorite thing is fresh sheets on the bed. Nothing beats the feeling of taking a hot bath and then slipping into a cozy bed with freshly washed sheets!

I like fresh sheets as well. I just bought a set at the Black Friday sales and I love having new, fresh sheets.

Random Question #3: What is a favorite Holiday Tradition?

Christina G said... My mom is from the Netherlands, so I still celebrate St. Nicholas Day by setting out my shoes with my husband each year. It's a fun "pre-Christmas Day" celebration to really get into the spirit!

I love sharing traditions from other places and implementing them into Christmas where you are. We celebrate Epiphany as well. I think it is mostly an excuse for me to leave all the decorations up longer J.

#4 What is something you wish you could do?

emeuser said... I wish that I could know what my kiddos are thinking... from my 1 year old that can't talk quite yet to know what exactly she wants to my 3 year old who just yesterday flushed the lid to the vicks container down the toilet (among the many other odd things he's done lately) to know just why he thinks he has to do that! That would be interesting to find out.

Oh, I so wish I had this ability as well. Sometimes when they have been mischievious I just sit there and wonder why they thought that was ok to try and do.


  1. Yay, thanks for picking my response! Love the look of this new kit. Thank you!

  2. Hey There...

    Wow!!!....Wheee!....I Won!...Oh My Gosh!...

    Merry Christmas To Me!(I am smiling from ear to ear...!)

    Thank You So Much For Taking The Time Out To Do
    Giveaways & Share Your Awesome Work With All Of Us!...We Really Appreciate it!

    Merry Christmas To You & Yours & A Happy New Year,Too!...

  3. Thanks!! my email is cg at


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