Monday, December 12, 2011

Master it Monday- Save for Web

Hello, hello. I hope all is going well as you get ready for Christmas. I had some really cute answers to the last question I posted for my 1st random question of the day.
Question #1: What random thing are you or have you been grateful?
Kristal said: My random thankful thought is for kid friendly scissors! My daughter LOVES to do art and I am so glad that there is a safe way for her to cut up and make her own inventions!
SouthernBelleAng said: Laundry, dishes and messes to clean up. Without my kids, I wouldn't have so much to clean. So the more dishes, laundry and messes I have clean up means the more kids I have to love. :)
Totally cute answers, right? Remember you can still answer the question for a chance to win a {FREE} copy of my next kit. Each question will have it's own winner.
So, for today's random question.....
Question #2: What is brings you joy when cleaning the house?
For me, it really isn't while cleaning, because to be honest, cleaning is not my favorite. Someday, when I am a millionaire :), I will be able to pay someone well to clean for me. But I do love a clean shower/tub. I love being one of the first people to take a shower in it right after it is cleaned.
I look forward to seeing your responses.

For today's Master it Monday, I wanted to just quickly show you how to save your layouts so that you can post them to galleries.
Go ahead and open your layout in PSE. Then go to File>Save For Web
It may give you a warning saying this image may be to large and ask if you wan to proceed, just click "yes".This will open a new window, do not worry if it takes a little while. There is an option for the type of file. Default is GIF. Go ahead and click on the arrow to get the drop down menu and select JPEG. Under that box is the quality (#1). I like to select at high or very high. Then in the new size box resize your image to 600 x 600 px (#2) and click on "Apply" (#3). Now you can see if it is the proper size (#4). Most galleries require 150KB or less.
If you need to adjust the size, you can use the slider and adjust the quality up or down. Just click on the drop down arrow next to the number and it will show the slider. When you have the image size where you want it, time to save. Click on "OK" on the top right of the Save For Web window and it will open the save window. Navigate to the folder you wish to save it. I like to identify my web size images with WEB right after the layout name. This makes it easier for me to grab the right size image when uploading them to galleries. After you have it named, click "Save" and you are done. Now go show off your layouts in the galleries.


  1. I find joy in cleaning when I'm all alone and turn up the music! I also love to see my husband's face when everything is clean!

  2. I to do not really enjoy cleaning but really like when the house is clean! I have 2 favorite things right now. The first is vacuuming because my 10 month old LOVES the vacum and follows me around the whole house while I vacum. It is too cute. The second is a favorite of my 4 year old. She likes to take baby wipes and clean te walls and door knobs. While this is definitely NOT my favorite cleaning chore it is fun to do with her!

  3. My joy in cleaning the house is when it's all done! It's nice to have it all fresh and clean.

  4. Well it doesn't bring joy in the process, but when I look back (even if it's right after I'm done vacuuming it brings me great joy) is that my 1 year old daughter thinks she is entitled to a ride on the vacuum whenever I have it out and am trying to use it. Makes vacuuming a little difficult with a 24lb weight on the front of it!

  5. I actually like cleaning, weird as that sounds. And it sure feels good when it's all done! My favorite thing is fresh sheets on the bed. Nothing beats the feeling of taking a hot bath and then slipping into a cozy bed with freshly washed sheets!

  6. Cleaning...Truthfully...Not my favorite thing at all...But the thing about cleaning is that during the process,it seems like a lot of work,but when it is done...I marvel in the fact that I actually accomplished it & it always makes me smile to see the after effects of a clean place!


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