Sunday, June 28, 2009

{I am Fundraising} and giving things away!!!

I have not done any fundraising since I was in school (you remember, selling magazines and wrapping paper and those kind of things). I am doing it again. I am participating in the Tri for Your Cause at Mile High. This triathlon allows you to choose an organization to raise funds and race for. I have chosen Now I Lay me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS). This is an incredible organization that provides a priceless service to families going through one of the most difficult times in their life. They provide professional photography services to families that will not be bringing their precious newborn home from the hospital. These volunteer photographers provide treasured memories for these families during their time of suffering. All services are provided free of charge to the family. Please, go to NILMDTS site {HERE} and read more about what they do. I will warn you that browsing their website can be very emotional. I hope it causes you to take a moment to be grateful for the blessing you do enjoy each day. I know it has caused me to hold my little one even tighter and be grateful just to be able to do that, even on the tougher days.
Once you have visited their site, you can visit my running blog, Riverdale Runner {HERE} to learn more about my triathlon and to find the donation link. ALL donations will go to NILMDTS.
NOW for the fun part. I am doing a giveaway to those that donate. FOUR of them actually. For every $dollar$ your donate, you will receive one entry in the drawing of your choice (you can split it among the 4 drawings if you wish). What are the drawings for you ask?! The first two will be for the FULL kit of your choice from my shop. The third will be for a tutu for your little one(your color choice) and the fourth will be for a set of hairbows (you color choice, of course).So how do you enter? Go to Riverdale Runners and learn more about the triathlon and NILMDTS. Then, click on the link to the donation page. Feel free to visit the triathlon home page as well. Make a donation. Once you have made a donation EMAIL ME. Tell me how you want your entries split up. For example: Julie donates $5 and emails me that she wants 3 entries for the kits and 2 for the tutu. You have until the 17th of July to donate and enter the giveaways. I will do the drawing for the giveaways on July 20th. Thank you in advance.


  1. What an awesome charity. Your daughter is absolutely precious and your talents amaze me. Teresa

  2. this is such a fine cause.
    Last week a saw a program on tv here about the same subject. In Holland about 60 professional photographers make pictures for free for parents of still born or very ill children. They do that in such a great way. It can give such comfort for these parents i think! Love to see this lives in other country's too!

  3. What an inspirational post. Thanks to you.

  4. OH my goodness!! I still feel soo bad that I didn't know you were doing this until now. Thank you!!


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