Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Color My World is COMING...in this order :)

I know I am kind of neglecting you all, and I apologize. The little one ended up having pneumonia and an ear infection. What a rotten way to spend your first birthday. She is doing excellent now and is quickly getting back to her busy, adorable self. However, I have not forgotten about you all. In fact you have been much on my mind as I have been spending every free moment this last week designing the Color My World bold color kits for you. I am almost done and hope to be putting the previews together tomorrow evening, which means you will most likely be getting the first installment on Thursday (keep your fingers crossed). I must say it has been fun seeing the rainbow of colors as I put these together. I LOVE bold, bright colors. There were a few ties in the comments for which color to go first, but I used NanaScraps comment as the tie-breaker since she was the first to comment. So, the first color out of the starting gate will be......BLUE. The order will be as such:
Yellow Green
Blue Violet
Red Orange
Red Violet
Orange Yellow
If any of you want a different order, you better speak up fast before I set this is stone :) Also, for any of your designers or aspiring designers out there, I will do ad-ons for this kit. There will be posts in the future with more details on this.
Just a note to Misty: I am sorry about your family illness, I hope all is well now. The CMW Pastel Kits will be put in the store as soon as the last freebie link expires, which will be this weekend. I will be sure to post about it so you do not have to keep checking the store for them, just keep checking my blog and grabbing my freebies :) . Hopefully I will be back on Thursday with a great freebie for you all, until then, keep scrapping.


  1. Would you consider a gold color? I've been collecting your kits to make YW handouts and I've been loving that you've been doing all the right colors for that. Gold is new for the YW theme and hard to find.

    Thanks for all your work!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry she had to spend her first birthday sick. Hope she is all better now. Thanks for all your hard work. Teresa

  3. Can you do that in reverse order? I think I would like black and white first :) Just kidding, I'll take whatever you want to give me. Love ya!!!

  4. this looks awesome...am so looking forward to the rest of the kit..thanks so much for sharing your time and incredible talent soooo generously...you are appreciated


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