Monday, June 22, 2009

Anyone Else Being Asked for a Password?

Shelli commented that when she tries to unzip my Daddy and Me Part 2 kit that it asks for a password. I did not set a password and I have downloaded it several times myself (making sure I am logged out of my 4-shared account first) and have not had it ask for a password when I download or unzip it. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? If so, I will reload it to 4-shared to make sure you all get it.

UPDATE: OK, two people having issues with the download are more than enough. I have reloaded the kit to 4-shared and changed the link on the kit. So if you are having problems opening the file, just delete it and re-download the kit. Just click on the preview to be taken the newly loaded download. I hope this takes care of the problem.


  1. I didn't need a password. That's just strange. Maybe she should try redownloading it. LYSL!

  2. I just tried, and I'm being asked for a password too. It downloads fine from 4-Shared but when I go to unzip it says it's password protected.
    I tried downloading it 3 different times.

  3. I'm getting an invalid link message when I go to 4shared.

  4. Thank you so much for the second part to daddy & me. It unzipped for me with no problems. Teresa


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