Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My own Domain

This has been a long time coming, but I have finally sat down and made the transfer to my own domain.  I still have some work to get it looking just how I like, but I am off to a good start now.  You can now find me at: http://piccolinadesigns.com/

Monday, January 14, 2013

Free From Books

Back in November, I realized that I didn't have to wait until I had a "book" completed to print, but I could print the individual layouts. 
I know many of you are probably scratching your head and going "Uh, duh".  It is really in silly, especially for someone who has been digital scrapbooking for 4+ years.  But I have always printed my layouts in book form, and never considered doing it differently.
I was getting really discouraged this last year because my Little Man kept wanting to see pictures of him while looking at the books I had done for his big sister.  I kept thinking, "I need to get a book done for him." But until November, I never did.  It was not because I wasn't scrapbooking.  I was... lots.  But I was never finishing a whole year out or a time frame to a point where I felt it was ok to print a book.  I tend to scrap pictures from all over the time line and not go in chronological order (am I the only one?).  Then, while listening to an old Digi Show, someone said something and it just clicked.  I could print the layouts I had done as individual layouts.  I asked several of you on Facebook who your favorite printing companies were for printing layouts and then I sent in some orders.  I then headed to Hobby Lobby (with my coupon of course) and bought some 8x8 albums and page protectors.  I was so excited to get the layouts and put them in the books and my Little Man has loved seeing pictures of himself, finally.
I was so happy to get the layouts that when Persnickety prints had a 13% sale at the beginning of the year, I ordered  a lot more prints.  It was like Christmas morning when I got them in the mail a few days latter.  Now my Little Man has 3 albums to look through with pictures of him.  I can still scrapbook pictures from that time frame and just add them into the albums once they are printed.  I still plan on doing books for special occasions and gifts, (and if I ever get a full year of photos done), but right now I feel so free and happy just doing layout prints. 
Now with all this talk of Persnickety prints, they are having a little layout contest that I entered.  Although the first place of $100 cash would be really great to win, I would be very, very happy to win the $50 Gift Card to Persnickety so I can print more layouts :).
If you would like to vote for me (pretty please), you can go here: https://www.facebook.com/persnicketyprints/app_451684954848385
and this is my layout:

Thanks so much.  Oh, and you can grab the kit used in the layout, Storyteller by Scrap Orchard Team, over on Persnickety's site. {HERE}

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: My One Little Word

How many of you make resolutions for each new year?  I have done it in the past, but not so great at keeping them past January.  My hubby is great at writing and keeping his each year.  I think part of it is that he writes them in a place he can see everyday.  He generally keeps his resolutions simple and measurable as well.  All great ways to help keep them.  I decided that this year I was going to pick one word that encompassed several areas I wanted to work on, but that one word would serve as my reminder for the entire year.  I am following the same concept as My One Word or Ali Edward's, One Little Word.
My word for 2013 is:
I have 3 areas on which I would like to focus on with this word:
1.  Less of me - I recently finished the Insanity workout program and am trying to keep going with regular exercising and healthier eating for 2013.  I have actually joined in on the Biggest Looser challenge over at Scrap Orchard to help me stay motivated.  It starts January 4th, so there is still time to jump in and play along.
2. Less Spending - My mother gives the same gift to every newly married couple, even her children.  She gives them Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book.  Lucky for me, my husband read it right along with me and we started right away following it.  For a long time we did budgeting and the envelope system.  Over the last 2 years, I have kind of let it slip.  My goal is to get back on budget and back to the envelopes.  I also plan to start teaching my little ones, especially Little Lady (4), about money(saving, spending and giving).
3.  Less excess- I hope this makes sense.  I am one of those kind of people that if I see something on sale for a great deal, I don't usually buy just one, or even two.  I like to "stock up" on things and am finding that I really don't need to stock up on scarves, lip gloss, ric rac, fabric, necklaces and such. I plan to purchase less AND to start using the things I have purchased.  I have a beautiful stash of fabric and am always saving it for the "perfect" project.  Not this year.  I will use it.  I am a little excited about giving myself a license to start using up my stash of things.

So, there you have My One Little Word for 2013.  Have you selected one?  Do you write resolutions?  Do you keep them?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

DSC Blog Train: Let the Season Shine

I am partcipating in a very fun, little blog train for Digi Scrap Connect this month.  Check out all the goodies you can get:

I have two pieces you can collect on this little train.  One here and one over at my FaceBook Page.
This is the first:
 It is a fun mini (with lots of great papers, because I don't think I can ever get enough great papers).

The one over on my FaceBook page is this fun alpha set.

I hope you enjoy both and have fun moving along the blog train.

You should have come from Blue Flower Art  and the next stop is Chunlin Designs

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't Stop Believing

I am having such a great time with Christmas preparations this year.  My Little Lady is just starting to understand a little more about who Santa Claus is and what he does.  And, for some reason, when she understands something, it is not long until the Little Man does as well.  They have visited Santa and asked for a gift (so far, one, no lists yet).  We have spend a lot of time explaining how Santa does what he does, how he knows if they have been bad or good, and just the magic of Christmas.  We have also read "A Special Place for Santa".  It has a great history of Santa, while helping us remember the real reason for celebrating Christmas.

But we are also having a little fun with it for the older ones.  I do not know if you have all seen the little saying floating around Pinterest about what happens when you stop believing in Santa.  I decided we needed it for our home.  It makes me smile every time I see it.  
Do you need one?  You can grab a copy for yourself.  It comes in 8x10" and 16x20" sizes.  I printed mine at Costco, then stuck it to a piece of foam board. 
 {Click on image or here for download}

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Live in Thanksgiving: 2012 Printables

This time of the year it is very natural to be turning our thoughts and hearts to the things we are grateful for.  Many of us are planning to spend time with our loved ones next week and celebrate Thanksgiving.  Last year I made it a goal to be more thankful and to help my children be more thankful.  You may remember the poster we did where my little ones, my husband and I wrote or drew the things we are thankful for. We are doing it again this year and you can find the new printables at the end of this post.
Recently I have been seeing all sorts of bloggers sharing great ways to be more thankful and celebrate the things we are thankful for.  Although most of these are already in progress, they are all self paced so you can go ahead and jump in now or start at the beginning.
Over at Eighteen25 they are doing a Thankful Book.  They are snapping pictures each day this month of things they are thankful for and making it a book.  They even are providing this adorable cover for the book.

One that I am personally working my way through at the moment is Crystal Wilkerson's 30 Days of Grattitude.  She provides a great quote and journaling prompt for each of the thirty days (and they are also adorably done in printables if you like).

The Crafting Chicks are inspiring us to let others know we appreciate them with their list of persons to address a daily thank you card to.  They are also offering (and have asked some amazing bloggers to offer) some beautiful, printable thank you cards.  You can see the full list at their site.
Tracie Reed is offering a 14 Days of Hardcore Gratitude.  She is helping us to recognize and be grateful for some of the blessings that come from some of the most difficult times in our lives. 

I hope that one of these will be a benefit to you and help you to be able to find the gratitude in your daily lives.  It is very true that grateful people are happy people.  If you would like to do your own family grattitude poster similar to this one:
I am offering the free printables for 2012.  The printables come in 16x20 size.  I hope you enjoy them and I hope you know how grateful I am to have you as readers.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day {weekend}

I hope you are having a great time with all the Digital Scrapbooking Day festivities going on around digi land.  I am still trying to convince the hubby to let me spend all of Saturday scrapbooking.
I have a brand new kit for you that I am just in love with.  Just Be is full of fun and joy.  The kit has 22 papers and 62 elements. 

With DSD, the kit is 40% off through Sunday, but for an even better deal, if you buy it through Sunday, you will get the coordinating Alpha for free.

Of course, that is not the only sale I am running this weekend.

These great kits are only $1 for this weekend

If you missed the newsletter and still want to go ahead and sing up for it, I will leave the Just Be Mini Kit link in it for one more newsletter.

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